120mm Case Fans

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Heat is one of the biggest threats to the durability of your computer system. It is vital to ensure steady cooling from either air or liquid-based coolers to boost how your computer operates and prolong its life. Regardless of your cooling solution, you will choose from a large selection of case fans.

PC Case fans protect interior components of your PC from overheating. They are the most common components of any PC cooling solution. We bring you a massive selection of PC Case fans of diverse sizes and features like RGBs, LEDs and rubber dampers/screws. Connect with M Fusion today and choose PC case fans from renowned brands such as Corsair, Deepcool, Cooler Master and more!

How to choose the best PC Case fan?

There are many case fans out there, but you can select the best with a few guidelines. Your first step is to discover the size of the fan you need. We measure fan sizes in 'mm'. We recommend 120mm fans as the default or version control. Fortunately, we carry a great variety of best-selling 120mm case fans.


You can also choose between fan frames such as round fan frames that allow you to use larger fan frames, giving you higher PC cooling potentials. Then you need to assess the other features you will require from your fans, such as choosing an intake/exhaust fan or a radiator/heat sink. Fans are generally optimised for pressure or airflow.


Next, consider whether lower noise or lower temperature is more important to you. You want to balance between both while meeting your preferences. Overall, your budget will determine the best PC fan for you.