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What is a HDD?

HDDs are data storage devices that usually come within computers, although you can purchase external ones. They have spinning disks which are where they store data magnetically. A typical HDD comes with an arm and several 'heads' transducers to read and write data on the disk. HDDs are the more traditional storage devices and are lower in cost than SSDs. They are also more practical in storing years of files, photos, videos and other data assets. Usually, you can buy your HDD as a 3.5-inch form factor for desktop computers or 2.5-inch form factor in laptops.

3.5 form factor HDDs

3.5 form factor HDDs use the SATA interface (SATA III). You can commonly find them in desktop PCs. External powered HDD enclosures and Network Attached Storage (NAS boxes). We have a vast selection of HDDs from renowned HDD manufacturers, including Toshiba, Seagate, Western Digital etc.

Is it possible to use a 2.5" HDD for desktop computers?

Although 2.5" HDD form factors come in laptops, you can also use in desktops if you have a vacant 2.5" SSD/HDD drive bay. However, we do not recommend this, as the cost per GB is higher than for 3.5" HDDs. Some desktops with a height limit of 9mm or 12mm can not support this form factor. These limitations are also there for some external drive enclosures, laptops, NAS/DAS boxes and lots more.

What HDD Size is suitable for me?

Your HDD storage size depends on how you use your computer. For basic tasks, you may not require as much storage space. Generally, 1TB HDD is ideal. However, you may need considerably more space for highly intensive tasks. Our outfit provides HDDs ranging from 1TB to 16TB!

Is RPM/Speed Important?

In most cases, RPM/Speed is essential. HDDs with 5400 or 5900 rpm are okay if you wish to use HDDs in an archive or NAS box. However, for programs, you will use frequently, opt for 7200 rpm HDDs for higher performance.