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Your One-Stop Solution For Outstanding Gaming Headsets

Discover high-quality gaming headsets at unbeatable prices. Our vast array of gaming headphones ranging from wired to wireless, in-ear earphones, to over-ear headphones and lots more. Picking the right gaming headset depends on nine main features: wired vs wireless, aesthetics, replacement parts, microphone, surround sound, noise isolation, and build quality. But first, you need to choose between gaming headphones and gaming headsets.

Gaming headphones are regular headphones usually used for music enjoyment. But those that also feature as gaming headphones offer accurate sound state, excellent micro-detail retrieval and immersive sound experience which are an advantage.

However, gaming headphones do not come with a mic or mic attachment slots and need an external mic. So, gaming headsets may be the preferred option. It usually features headphone, built-in mic alongside other features like tactile on-headset button, and virtual surround sound. You may also have to consider in-ear earphones or over-ear headphones. In-ear gaming headsets are the go-to option for gaming on the go. However, they lack the proper audio depth and soundstage. Over-ear gaming headsets have the advantage of the ‘soundstage’ and depth. They also come in the opened and closed back formats.

There is also a matter of picking between wired and wireless gaming headsets. Wireless headsets have the advantage of not been tethered to your gaming PC. However, many also come with lower microphone and sound quality which is usually better in wired gaming headsets. In saying that higher end wireless gaming headsets can offer similar quality to wired ones, but also come with a higher price tag. However, they also have a bigger soundstage which is an advantage when pointing out enemy footsteps. Still, closed-back gaming headsets fair better in noisy environments but have a narrower soundstage. Other features to look out for includes build quality, clamp force, ear cups, and weight.

Surround sound is also a factor that would influence your gaming headset choice. For instance, Xbox One and Playstation 4 support gaming headsets capable of delivering 7.1 surround sound.

Finally, your most favourite gaming platform would also influence your gaming headset choice. This is because certain software-dependent features that a specific console has may not support all the gaming headset functions. Reach out to the team at M Fusion for your premium gaming headsets and headphones.