Buy Affordable Computer Keyboards At M Fusion

Looking for the perfect computer keyboard for you?  M Fusion can help you make the best decision ever. Our first-class computer keyboard selections come at an affordable price, and we guarantee maximum performance.

 The keyboard is one of the most critical devices you need to operate your computer system. You can choose between touchpad devices, flexible typing tools, wireless keyboards, RGB keyboards and lots more. For heavy typers, buying a high-quality keyboard ensures that you reduce injury risk (Repetitive strain injury).


Should I buy a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are significantly costlier than membrane keyboard, especially those with Cherry RGB switch.  However, the mechanical keyboard uses tiny mechanical devices containing spring and slider mechanism called switches under each key, providing unique feedback. Cheaper or off-the mill keyboards often use rubber domes for this feedback. Therefore, with cheaper keyboard, the resistance you have comes from squeezing the rubber dome which expands once you release the key. In the cheaper keyboard, the 'switches' are somewhat mushy compared to the consistent and robust feel with mechanical keyboards. Therefore, many membrane keyboards suffer from the inconsistent key feel and may not last as long as mechanical keyboards. Choosing the right mechanical keyboard can also dramatically improve your speed, and accuracy giving you the most satisfying experience.


Regardless, we bring you a unique selection of mechanical and membrane keyboard to suit your desires. Discover our wide variety of computer keyboards from renowned keyboard brands including Gigabyte, Rapoo, Asus, Logitech, HP and more!