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You deserve the best computer performance. M Fusion store delivers a wide variety of DDR4 memory from leading brands. We will help you achieve the best RAM and memory upgrade to handle your tasks and even the most demanding programs seamlessly. Whether you are gaming, creating content, designing, or just a casual user, M Fusion can help you experience the full potential of your computer.

What is the RAM in a Computer?

RAM also short for 'Random Access Memory', is physical hardware that provides temporary memory for storing data. It is also called the computer's 'working' memory.  Additional RAM ensures that your computer can work on more information simultaneously, which further accelerates your total computer performance.  It is the super-fast and temporary data storage space that your computer will use to access the current or new few moments.

Why do I need more memory?

When your computer has more memory, it can run smoothly, which further drives up your PC's overall responsiveness and speed. Extra memory will help you enjoy higher multitasking capabilities. It is also necessary for your gaming needs. For instance, games like Call of Duty, require a substantial amount of RAM to open and run, sometimes needing up to 8GB or 16GB.

Why is RAM Speed Important?

All RAMs are not created equal. Some run faster than others. RAM speed, measured in millions of cycle per second or megahertz (MHz), is about the amount of data that can pass from your RAM to and from your CPU. Today popular RAMs are called Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM.  DDR4 is the fourth and current generation. Many desktop PC motherboards from Intel and AMD use DDR4 memory. If you want to upgrade your PC without spending too much money, buying extra RAM is an excellent way to accelerate your PC's speed and responsiveness. Generally, it is beneficial having Rams in multiples of 2 as most motherboards come with dual-channel memory support. So, this means you can have multiples of 2, with motherboards also coming with 4 slots. We reccommend having at least 4GB for basics, 8GB for advanced tasks and 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB for heavy use.

RAM speed is equally beneficial and can drive up your PC performance overall. M Fusion brings to you DDR4 RAM ranging from speed values of 2133mhz to speedy 4266mhz. Many motherboard manufacturers also rate their boards to run specific profiles (Intel XMP) and at certain speeds.  So, you may also consider RAM timings, RGB lighting, and latency features.