How to choose the best computer monitor?

Your needs and budget will determine the best monitor for you, but first, your gaming monitor size is essential. Usually, gaming monitor sizes range from 17" to 43". As a rule of thumb, higher screen size equals higher cost. But you also have to consider other features such as refresh rate, adaptive refresh rate (G-Sync, or Freesync), resolution, response time, connectors (HDMI, Thunderbolt, USB, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort etc.), flat or curved shape, panel type (IPS, VA, or TN) and aspect ratio (16:9, 21:9 or 16:10).

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Top Off Your Rig With Premium Gaming Monitors

Accelerate your gaming experience with great gaming monitors that offer the best mix of refresh rates, resolutions and colour quality. We bring to you the best gaming monitors that will complement any graphics card of your choice, so you drive up your gaming potentials. Whether you need a cheap gaming monitor or would love to have the height of luxuries, M Fusion are here to help.


Which computer monitor panel is right for me? TN, IPS or VA Panels?

Many gaming monitors offer LED backlighting with either TN, VA or IPS panels. Your choice will influence the clarity of image, colour reproduction and viewing angle to expect in your gaming monitor.

TN Panels

Entry-level monitors and some gaming monitors come with TN panels. They offer high-refresh rates and fast response times at affordable prices. They are also lower in price than VA and IPS panels, but you may have to deal with poor viewing angles and sub-optimal colour accuracy.

VA Panels

Mid-tier monitors may have VA panels, although they are also hard to find. VA panels offer intense black colours (almost OLED black colours), and fast response time. However, VA panels also suffer from low colour accuracy and ghosting in fast-motion clips.

IPS Panels

High-end monitors and high-end gaming monitors usually have IPS panels. They offer the most impressive contrast performance, viewing angles and colour accuracy. They also have high refresh rates, but will cost more than their VA or TN panel equivalents. Some IPS panels have slower response times TN panels.

What is Hz (Hertz) Refresh Rate?

The refresh rate is the number of times your monitor updates images per second. It is measured in hertz. This means a 60Hz monitor will refresh and return 60 images every second while a 120 Hz monitor returns120 images every second it refreshes. Bigger refresh rates mean smoother images and lower lag time. Most gamers go for 75Hz as the least, other 144Hz and higher are more preferred.

What is a good response time?

Response time directly impacts on the monitor performance. It describes the length of time your monitor or panel can change from one colour to another. Usually, it is measured in terms of going from white to black in milliseconds (ms).  The faster the response time, the more responsive image updates. This, therefore, translates to a higher refresh rate. Many VA and IPS panels with 2ms – 5ms will offer better viewing angles and colours. A typical LCD response time is usually under ten milliseconds. Regardless, we provide you with diverse monitors offering response times ranging from 1ms to 8+ms.