Shop for a Vast Selections of Computer Motherboards

Buying your motherboard is a critical decision to make. Motherboards are one of the most vital aspects of any computer upgrade. We supply the finest motherboards from reputable manufacturers. Whether you need a low-budget motherboard, or a motherboard for gaming, high-traffic servers or workstation production, M Fusion can help. Plus, we also bring you motherboards with immense features such as USB 3.1/3.2, HDMI/DisplayPort video out, audio ports, Thunderbolt, DDRA support, RAM slots and lots more. M Fusion offers you a vast array of AMD and Intel-compatible motherboards.

How to buy a motherboard

To choose the best motherboard demands, you must assess specific features such as the chipset, processor type, and form factor. Motherboards often have many other features and may range from under $100 budget boards to the high-end models of over $1,000.

What chipset should I get?

You can choose between AMD and Intel chipsets.


You may choose AM4 motherboards from entry-level A320, mid-tier B450 to high-end X570. A320 motherboards respond well to the light office and home use, but usually have no multi-GPU support (Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire). B450 motherboards have in-depth features alongside the AMD Cross-fire multi-GPU support. High-end X570 motherboards have even a more robust set of features such as Nvidia SLI support and additional M.2 slots.


On the Intel side, you may have multiple choices, all depending on your budget and CPU. LG41151 motherboards are for mainstream chipsets, LGA2066 for high-end chips and LG43647 for server set-ups and usually use multiple chipsets. Z390 motherboards have a more robust list of features than other mainstream chipsets. They also support premium LGA2066 CPUs. Beyond that, X299 motherboards deliver additional features such as extra RAM support and 3 M.2 slots.

What size motherboard do I need? Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX or ATX?

Your case will determine the size of the motherboard you need. Generally, you can choose between ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX. ATX is the go to standard with more space for slots and plugs. Micro-ATX has less room and is about 2.4 inches shorter. Mini-ITX works for small PCs with a smaller room for just one add-in card (graphics card) and fewer connectors for RAM and storage. It is important to ensure your motherboard fits your case, so you don't have to sacrifice some features and upgradeability. Alternatively, at M Fusion, we offer a variety of cases to suit your motherboard selection. Check out our collection here (Link to cases)

Should I buy a more expensive motherboard for better performance?

The best motherboard also depends on your budget. You need a fast RAM for higher performance, so overclocking your CPU means remarkable results as against a cheaper motherboard.

Other features to look out for include on-board on/off-switches, Wi-Fi cards etc. Also, aesthetics can be vital to your choice too. When you shop with M Fusion, we are here to help untangle the complexities. We can help you select the right motherboard model suitable for your needs without going over your budget.