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What is a Computer Case?

A Computer case will house the internal computing components such as drives, graphics card and motherboard. It is an essential aspect of your PC build as it keeps all these critical components, liquid and dust-free. It is also essential to keeping your computer cool while preventing damage. You can purchase computer casing in a wide variety of designs and sizes, but your purpose and budget will determine your choice. Generally, we have mini, mid, and full sizes with variations in-between such as cube-cases. Casing materials also differ with some as plastic, and others as steel and aluminium.

How do I choose a Computer Case?

Your computer case will have an indirect role in your PC performance and the overall system, so you need to choose right. First, you need to consider case compatibility. For instance, when you won't need too many features and want to save space, you might opt for a mini-tower case. But still, you need to make sure the smaller case purchase is the right one as your motherboard must be compatible with your casing and the casing should provide room for future expansion.

Regardless, mid-tower cases are the most popular choice as they have enough interior room, and less compromising on too much physical space. A full tower case is much higher, which means you have plenty of expansion and access room, but it's also a lot costlier.


To choose your PC case, you also need to consider cooling set-up, case-weight, I/O (input/output) ports, mainboard set-up and number of drive bays. You may also select between varieties of aesthetic designs alongside other external features such as coloured lights.


Get the latest computer cases from top manufacturers at M Fusion such as Cooler Master, Corsair, Deepcool, Antec, Cougar and more! Whether you intend gaming, for school or business, we can help choose the right design. We can also help you find cases with lighting, water cooling and other accessory options that define your system's performance.