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Discover a great variety of computer power supplies at your fingertips. Let M Fusion help you choose the right power supply that offers the best performance, reliability, protection and warranty. We offer the best selections of PSU (Power supply units) from top PSU brands such as Corsair, Gigabyte, Cooler Master and more!


What is the Power Supply Unit (PSU)?

PSUs convert power from alternating high voltage current (AC) to direct current for your systems use. This is a far cry from what their name seems to make us assume (PSUs do not supply power!).  PSUs are internal hardware components. They also help regulate the DC output voltage to fine tolerances for your computing components.

How do I choose the right PSU?

PSUs are critical components of any IT system. This is why most devices come with in-built PSUs. Generally, you can purchase desktop power supply units (PSUs) in ATX and SFX forms. So you need to find out what PSU type is compatible with your case and motherboard.

The next step is to consider wattage. As a rule of thumb, higher wattage equals more power than the unit can provide to your system. So, you need to assess how much power your components will need to run effectively. For instance, you should purchase a 1200V power supply unit when your system's components require 600V to run. This is because most PSUs supply the highest efficiency at 50% load. This provides enough room also to expand your system with more components.

Finally, you need to consider your PSU brand to make a perfect choice. However, it all comes down to your personal preference, tasks (personal use, gaming, small or large business) and system compatibility. Nevertheless, we recommend that you look out for PSUs with 80 Plus platinum rating so you can minimize power costs and achieve the greatest energy efficiency.

How energy efficient should my power supply unit be?

As said earlier, the energy efficiency of any PSU is best at 50% load. However, 80Plus efficiency refers to power supplies running or operating at 80% efficiency as the minimum. This scale goes from 80 Plus Bronze to Titanium, where you can have 94% efficiency (again at 50% load).

Leading 80 Plus PSUs need a high wattage to run the most effectively. 80 Plus silver PSUs (up to 88%) are best for desktops and PCs. In contrast, the 80 Plus Gold, Platinum and Titanium supplies (up to 94%) are excellent for data centres.  Nevertheless, you must remember that the range between 90 to 92% efficiency rating makes a massive difference in the amount of energy large scale data centres use. We deliver a wide array of PSUs from leading PSU brands such as (insert brands). Connect with us today and discover the best power supply units to meet your needs and budget.