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At M Fusion, we bring you an impressive range of speakers that will not compromise sound and clarity for all music lovers and audiophiles. From 1.0 speaker sets to high-end surround 5.1 speaker sets, M Fusion stock all kinds of speakers, including high-performance products with robust sounds. We also offer an array of Bluetooth portable speakers, wireless speakers, smart home speakers, portable speakers, home theatre speakers and computer speakers (edit to match listings). M Fusion can help you make the right choice in colour, shape, battery life, audio quality, wireless functionalities, style and lots more.


Discover an incredible range of speakers from top-of-the-line audio brands including Logitech, Edifier, Razer, LG and Laser. 

Which Surround Channels: 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, 7.1.2, 9.1 etc?

These numbers denote the audio channels and the number of speakers a speaker system has. The first number is the number of main speakers and the second denotes the number of subwoofers. A third number talks about the ‘height’ of the speakers. Therefore, a 2.0 speaker system comes with two main speakers, while a 2.1 system has one subwoofer and two main speakers.

Should I buy Soundbars or surround sound speakers?

Soundbars are simple set-ups usually has an oblong-shape or thin-enclosure. They will require cables for connection and are a cost-effective solution if you want to enjoy fuller or better audio better than your TV speakers or computer monitors. Soundbars don't play as loud and as good a sound as a full surround-sound system.

However, the size of your room and budget may define your choice. If you have a large enough room, then a surround-sound system is a great choice. Surround systems, on the other hand, are more flexible. They also take up more space but are easier to set-up.