Antec Neptune 120 ARGB 120mm Advanced All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler

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The new generation of Antec all-in-one liquid CPU cooler, Neptune 240 ARGB, brings your build to next level. The integration of the water pump and radiator prevents the CPU from being damaged by vibration. The ultra-thin pump head reduces the volume when installing it on the CPU. Besides the aesthetics, the efficiency of thermal control is also improved

ARGB LED-Lit Ultra-Thin CPU Block
16.8 Million ARGB Light Effects
The Advanced Integration of the Water Pump and Radiator - Pump loacated on top of radiator to drecrease damage to the CPU from vibration
Double protection - Preventing any leakage
PTFE-Coated Tubing Technology - PTFE tubing reduces liquid loss. It also resists corrosion and aging

Model Name Neptune 120 ARGB
Cooling Type Water Cooling

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